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Sunday, August 31, 2003


The most effective solution

In the end a definitive solution for Palestinian terrorism inside Israel: Defence Fence.
What I do like most is the rhyme: Defence Fence, Fence Fence.
This is going to be the end of our troubles. No more suicidal terrorist attacks, no more deaths of innocent Israeli people.
Only, as for the Maginot Line, eventually static defence systems get bypassed.
Palestinian Kassam rockets will evolve into Kassam missiles and when Tel Aviv will be the primary target, all of sudden we'll see all the great generals accuse one another and try to avoid the blame.
I say it is time to stop thinking as if no history and no experience exists outside of Israel.
If we can avoid mistakes, why not to?
Real defences are dynamic, evolutionary.
There have been wars, long wars, elsewhere too. Some of these ended up into peace, some others into non-belligerance and then peace.
Common interests, power equilibrium and supporting economic infratsructures have been the only real engines for peace and wellbeing.
Some fear helps too, but not of the enemy, fear of what you have to loose.
Terrorism on the other hand, so much rooted into the Palestinians' way of life today, must be eradicated. Most of Europe of course, supporting terrorist actions, is a disturbing element to the peace process, but is not an absolute obstacle.
We must understand that the only way against terrorism is to terrorize the terrorists.
At the same time it is pretty straightforward that terrorization cannot be achieved through pinpointed "preventive actions".
Real terrorization of the terrorist is achievable only actibng at the very root of their power, within the people they recruit, kids, the non-belligerant population. They must be helped not to fall into terrorists nets. Anti-terrorist propaganda and positive action must be undertaken by the Palestinian Authority against terrorist groups. No negotiation with terrorists can be tollerated as no negotiations were tollerated with Israel's first days free military groups.
Palestinian Authority must stop playing this double role, faking imprisonments and negotiating with terrorist groups for the achievement of a cease fire.
As simple as it sounds, no negotiation with terrorists can be accepted.
Either PA decides to leave the terrorist way, in which case it must fight against terrorism with no compromise (and of course no negotiations), or otherwise PA demonstartes it is a terrorist supporting regime and as such must be extirpated.
On the other hand Israel has to establish once and for all the territories she considers inside national boarders and draw an immaginary line above which no civilian settlement will be accepted, only military patrols and operations.
Then the only obstacle to peace will be the endless cultural distance between Arab culture and Western culture...

Monday, August 18, 2003

New Zionists 

A new species has been developing in Israel

The first time I saw them I was almost as excited as when I had my first solo drive a century ago.
I felt pretty much like Darwin.
Israel of course is not the Galapagos, nonetheless, I was definetly watching a new evolving species. I called it: The New Zionist.
Typical Charachteristics:
1) Came to Israel in their mid 40s, or left Israel and lives somwhere nice, calm and wealthy
2) Made a lot of money outside the country, before immigrating
3) Lives in the Herzlyiah Pituach, Kfar Shmaryahu, Rananna, Ramat Aviv area
4) Owns at least a penthouse, or rents it
5) Avoids carefully paying taxes exploiting double nationality issues
6) Feels compelled to send his children to serve the IDF
7) Feels compelled to preach to everybody about how great is Israel and how important is to live in the country
8) travels abroad not less than 12 times a year, for not less than 1 Week
9) Feels compelled to preach everybody about their duties towards the country, about paying taxes, eating local foods, buying local production
10) Carefully buys only import products, or imports himself great quantities of expensive high quality foreign specialties when travelling abroad.
11) Feels compelled to preach and do whatever possible (even though pretty immoral) to get young people stuck in the country preventing them from building their future
12) Struggles as strong and as dirty as he can to maintain the social status quo
13) Feels compelled to send friends and family over the front while self intrenching in great villas.
Welcome to the world new species, the future is yours!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

No More Family Breaking! 

Final Solution For Foreign Workers' Children

The law was finally approved by the Government.
We won't have to assist to these horrible scenes any more. From now on, no more children torn apart from their parents by the Immigration Authority.
Eventually a solution was found to this horrible problem.
Children will now be imprisoned and thrown out of Israel together with their parents.
What a relief!
Think about it, what sense does it make to expell only parents, leaving here their children?
We then have to feed them, help them, grow them and they eventually pollute our society and steal resources from citizens!
Now this terrible thing is stopped for good.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Israeli MOB 2003 

New Israeli Invention: From Farmers To Mobsters

It is unbelievable, but nonethless true.
In a further effort to enhance social mobility in Israel, a new career path has been open for farmers.
You have to be bad enough, conscienceless, cruel and -of course- pave your way through the army service, but in the end you'll make it.
The fundamental milestons for this new -blue and white- career path are as follows:
1) Written proof of your stupidity
2) Army service up to at least general
3) Start a useless, dirty, war possibly lying on its causes, scope and puposes
4) Cause -through the above war- the death of at least 1000 of your young soldiers (better if under 19)
5) Have some sons
6) Disguise your criminal actions through the above sons
7) Become Prime Minister
8) Start a reign of dumb terror abolishing silently and informally all democratic basic freedoms
9) Written proof of minimal 120 Kg weight
10) Find yourself a stupid enough country and stupid enough people to let you do all of that
Nothing more to it.
As you can see, there are no tough requirements and the road is open to enterpreneurs.
One success story we already have.
Remember, once you make it to the top, you'll be ablo to steal, rob, manage organized crime, violate people and property at your wish.
It's worth it.
It's Israel 2003.

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